My dream came true:
The guitar built from only one piece of wood.
During my many years of playing guitar, I was looking for the guitar that epitomized my concept of sound and at the same time, allows me to play optimally. That's why I began to design and build the first guitars in the eighties. I experimented with guitars of different designs. The 13th was a new idea, -a one piece sh-tree. That was fascinating to me for a couple of reasons. First, it was the challenge of constructing a guitar made out of only one piece of wood and second, testing the sound. Listening to the long sustain of the strings, I was totally taken aback. Now the idea of development of this kind of guitar occupied me for some years.
The first guitar of the series "single piece" was ready to test. It is called "SPG-AR1". Hand selected "Sapellian" timber, desiccated many years and with fantastic grain to make the heart of the guitar player beat faster. It was a treat to experience taking this instrument in hand.
The dry sound of the strings is balanced and sustained. It is very easy to play the fretboard all the way down to the 25th fret. When you play this guitar, only a few moments pass before you are asking for cable and amp. The uncompromising pickups from the German specialist Häussel give this unmistakable sound, about which I wrote before. It has overtones that I never heard before on other guitars. When you play this guitar you forget all about time and any thoughts of putting it down.
The pickups are controlled by a five-step-switch, a tone knob and a volume knob. The positions are: 1st bridge, 2 bridge and middle, 3rd all three pickups, 4th bridge and neck, and 5th neck pickup. This is my concept of sound variations. It is possible to change the switching according to preference.
Some words about sustain. The sound comes out harmoniously and continuously. That means the loudness level fades perceptibly slower than with the guitars of traditional construction. Usually you try to get a sound like this with electronic effects with a dynamic-compressor to name one example. This fact is the basis for my wanting to build this instrument out of one piece of wood. Of course it means that it is very important to select the timber with the utmost care and practical knowledge. The vibrations of the strings are not dampened like it is between different woods with similar vibration-reactions and held together with glue or screws. The sound is thus able to spread out through the guitar without limits of going through different mediums. The sound is unique and it is not possible to reproduce it on another instrument! It is a personal instrument.
The frets are directly inlaid in the neck. There is no glued fretboard, - one reason more for the long sustain and better vibrations. Another advantage is the "zero-fret". I do not know why most of the great guitar companies make a big saddle and no normal fret. A fret (a little bit thicker), has a sound like the other frets and has the same peeress. The position of the strings is optimal from the beginning. You don't have to adjust it.
If you would like to try out the guitar, please contact me. I will keep this method of construction and the form. If you are interested in buying one of these instruments, you can order it. I will incorporate your wishes relating to pickups, bridge, mechanics etc.
Now some words about the finish. I LOVE WOOD! I love to feel it and I like to see the structure of wood. It tells me stories... The result is that I do not varnish and I do not stain the guitar. The wood will be polished by hand, oiled and finally rubbed with special wax. So it lives on and shows its distinguished beautiful character (timber  temper...).
The method of construction "single piece guitar" has one special feature.
There are no two equal instruments. Each one sound special.
Every guitar its own merit because manufacturing has its own laws.
Every guitar manufactured in my workshop has its own oddity. It will be processed until I am 100% satisfied. Nothing leaves the workshop until then.
The delivery time is about 6 to 8 weeks from ordering depending upon your specifications.

SPG-AR1 single piece guitar:

wood: Sapelli only one piece
scale length: 25,5 inches (64,77cm)
pickups: Häussel Standard Strat
bridge: Schaller 3D6 Bridge
Mechanik: Schaller M6
Frets: 26 incl. zero-fret
Control: volume, tone
Switch: 5 steps, 4 level (1st bridge, 2nd bridge and middle, 3rd all three pickups, 4th bridge and neck, 5th neck pickup)

Of course, the guitar comes in a special built case. It is formed inside to the contour of the guitar and padded with velvet.
Anselm Riess
Guitar player, guitar builder
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Translated by Anselm Riess and corrected by Bradford Earle Randolph.